Harley & The Twisted Burger Company

The first week after the Easter break signals the changing of the burger at The Harley, which marks the beginning of the West Street towards the city centre from the west. It must mean a year ago I made my first visit to try out their Breakfast Pork Burger: pork burger in maple glaze served in a ring doughnut with hash browns and banana fritters on the side. It provided a tasty if sickly meal which i failed to completely eat on my first attempt.

In my third trip to the pub today, a year later, the new menu is on half price for the week. Being a man who gambles on the extreme side of food I could not resist ordering the Ghostspiced Killah which comprised of a jalapeno salsa, lettuce, a triple patty with monterey jack cheese, a hot ghost chilli sauce in a bun, unfortunatly having to order chips as an extra side dish to the burger itself. Not that I was complaining considering the entire meal and drink costed a little over £6. The burger tasted really great. The heat from the chillis was pallatable, moreso when halfway through the meal I got a drink to go with it. Two issues did arise: 1. my throat was reacting badly to it, the mucus starting building and clogging things up a bit 2. the only way to clear this was to cough which caused the only bad reaction to the heat when the dangly bit of my throat got a backcover of the spice. That bit of the mouth is very sensitive.

The Harley itself is an uneasy location for the independant burger company and table service does not lend itself well to the place. I had half a farmers blonde (bradfield brewery) included in the cost. They will be likely to see me sometime later this week if I can have a similar meal for this weeks prices. Normal prices are a lot considering the food was the only truely great thing about the place.


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